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We are a group of aspiring and inspiring poets who gather at the local church every weekend and share our poems. We believe in creativity and we also believe no poem should be left behind!

Everyone who has a unique idea for a poem can come on over and share it with us. You can be assured that you will never be judged or ridiculed for your ideas. This is a unique platform where you can share all your creative ideas. Please note that although we do not sell your poems, you give up all rights to your writings when you submit them to us. That means we are free to do whatever we wish with the poems. We can publish them in our weekly magazine, or show it to our other members. By submitting your writings to us, through our online platform or in person, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Our schedule

  • --Saturdays from 9 AM to noon
  • --Saturdays from 1 PM to 4 PM
  • --Sundays from 2 PM to 5 PM

You are free to join us at any time. There is no entrance fee. You can enter and leave at any time, as long as they are within the time slots stated above. If you would like more information about poetry, there is a great resource called Library of Congress Poetry and Literature. Have a look at that and let us know what you think!

Within the next few weeks, there will be special guest speakers coming to the church every week to inspire the audience about poetry. We will have some famous poets and musicians speak with the audience about what inspired them to do this and it is hoped some of you will be inspired as well. Please note that cameras will not be allowed and anyone recording this will be asked to leave. This is just a privacy matter and all of the speakers have requested that they do not want to be taped. The reason has to do with people using these for commercial purposes. For example, someone might make a recording of these and try to sell it and make money from it. This is not allowed. Of course, most of the people here are honest and ethical and we believe they will use their common sense and know that it is not right to do this. However, we are just saying this to the small percentage of people that need a friendly reminder. Thanks for your understanding. Sometimes we may also go to other people's houses to share our poems. If you have other people coming to your house, you do not have to take care of them in terms of entertaining them. You will not be responsible for buying food and drinks. The only favor that we ask is that you make sure your place is safe. If there are dogs present and the dogs are not friendly, then please keep them in control. If you dog is known to bite strangers, or if your dog does not like it when someone comes over to your house, then please at least give a warning, or keep the dog in another room. Otherwise, there could be legal problems. This dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles has written several reports of dog owners being sued over a dog bite, and losing everything they had. A case could end up costing you in the five figures. Therefore, it is best to make sure your guests are safe when they come over to read poetry.

If you wish to write your poems and share it with us, please write it on a regular sheet of paper. This does not have to be lined paper, it could be printer paper. Then, we will takea look at these and pick the best one.

Schedule of Events

July first Poetry Reading Come join us July first for our orientation. Free drinks will be served.

July sixth Poetry ReadingSurprise appearance by a special speaker.